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At Ace Equipment, we’re proud to offer a range of alpaca and goat handling equipment. Whether you own a full farm of alpacas or you simply keep several goats on a hobby farm, we can provide tailored solutions that get the job done. From temporary alpaca fencing through to permanent goat gates and much more, our specialists can help you create a versatile enclosure that suits your needs.


The team at Ace Equipment offer numerous products that are suitable for goats and alpacas, including:

  • High frame alpaca & goat gates – Suitable for temporary goat and alpaca enclosures, these gates feature galvanised as well as heavy duty gal pins for easy installation.
  • Standard gates for alpacas and goats – Available in multiple sizes, our standard gates are made from galvanised materials and allow for easy entry and exit to and from the yard.
  • Goat panels and alpaca fence panels – Available with swinging gates, these galvanised panels can contain your livestock to the area of your choosing and are ideal for pressure areas.

In addition, we offer ACE slam latches that are perfect for trailers, horse floats, yard gates, truck bodies, tool boxes, animal cages and dog boxes. These can be set at any desired position for your convenience. We also offer combination panels that can be used for feral goats.


At Ace Equipment, we’ve earned a reputation for our dedication and our high standards of quality. We invest significant time and effort into making the very best products for our clients. Whether you need goat yard panels or an alpaca enclosure, you’re sure to find the alpaca and goat handling equipment you need within our range. All of our items are constructed from galvanised steel for ultimate longevity. In addition, they also come with all the necessary hardware for installation.


Browse our online range and discover alpaca fencing and goat panels that can fulfil your livestock enclosure needs. Alternatively, you can contact Ace Equipment on 0437 014 327 to learn more about a specific product or place an order.

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